Our story


Everything started in 2014, when a women driven by her inner power to make the world a better place, decided to finally take the step. That step, you know? That step that many of us wish to be strong enough to take, or are simply waiting for ‘the right time’…

She packed all her dreams, her goals, her wishes and mostly, all her strength and she flew to India.

India, where she could be away from all the emotional barriers she once encountered. A way from her reality, her culture. Completely away...

India, where she soon found out, how special this country is. Now, the country where Project Três was born.

Her name is Carla Sousa. She is the most beloved founder of this project. This project that we are all so proud of and that creates so many smiles. This project that shows us that even the smallest contribution can have so much impact. This project that everyday is a reminder that, changing one woman's world at the time, is already changing the world.


Let us tell you about the first women Project Três helped - Farida.

Farida comes from a past you only read about in books. Born an orphan then adopted by a family that turned her into a slave. She was only given rice to eat and never allowed outside of the house until she escaped at the age of 7. Headed to the train station, she begged a woman traveling to Goa to help her buy a ticket... this woman later adopted her, but Farida had many other hardships growing up as well as finding herself in abusive relationships. One after another...



She is now 37 years old and she is the mother of 4 children. When Carla met Farida, she could witnessed her living conditions. She was shocked. Moved. Carla lived with Farida for a while, to truly understand what it is to live in such conditions.

Farida was working 17 hours a day. She couldn’t afford to spend quality time with her children. They lived in a XX in the woods with no water, toilet or any of the commodities we are all used to.

Her personality is infectious, she is an incredibly hard worker, and is familiar with 9 languages. Today with the help of Project Três she is living her truth. Creating and innovating every day as well as providing proper shelter and education for her children. This wonderful strong women, has grown to become the Manager of Project Três center in India and she has her own babysitting business.




Farida’s progress is a great representation of what we aim with this project. To develop the spirit of independence and create new economic and social opportunities. Our work allows vulnerable women who have limited education and experience to become financially stable, foster positive social networks, care for their children and improve their quality of life.

This initiative not only empowers but also promote the economic development of women in India and Kenya. By teaching these women how to make products out of recycled materials and with zero waste approaches.