Veri Crossbody / Hand  Bag

Veri Crossbody / Hand Bag

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Veri is a small and stylish bag, which suits as a crossbody, or as a handbag!

Perfect for casual occasions and summer moments, in those days when you need to take just a few items with you. As a handbag can be combined with a more classy style and easily make your look more sophisticated. 

- 100% hand-loomed cotton

Lining: 100% cotton, reused from discarded materials from the local fashion industry.

- embroidered with shells and raw tassels, with cords to adjust opening, and beads applied on the cords for details.

- Size: 24 cm length x 21 cm width. String: 110 cm 

- Hand wash only

- Made in India

Due to the nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.