Tanya Screen Printed T-shirt

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A black and white option for t-shirt lovers! this 100% organic cotton T is produced and screen-printed in India, by our partners Freeset Global.

This T-shirt is the result of a collab between Project Três + Tanya Maheshwari + Freeset Global.

Created with the partnership of the Indian illustrator Tanya Maheshwari, who developed the print with the focus on the women world, produced and printed with Freeset Global, a social enterprise in Kolkata, India, which provides sustainable employment to women rescued from sex traffic. 

Project Três developed the partnership and 70% of all the profits goes to support our Women Empowerment Center in India.

- 100% organic cotton

- available in S, M, L, XL and M male  (check the measurement guideline below)

- Made in India

Measurements Guideline:


S = 45,5 cm

M = 47,0 cm

L = 50,0 cm

XL = 52,5 cm


S = 47,0 cm

M = 50,0 cm

L = 52,0 cm

XL = 55 cm


S = 67,0 cm

M = 68,5 cm

L = 69,5 cm

XL = 71,5 cm




M = 55,0 cm


M = 52,5 cm


M = 75,5 cm