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Tanya Printed T-shirt

Tanya Printed T-shirt

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This T-shirt is the result of a collaboration between Project Três + Tanya Maheshwari + Freeset Global. Tanya Maheshwari is an Indian artist based in New Delhi. Her illustrations are inspired by her own story and topics like gendered identity, self-representation and hyper-sexualization. This particular piece was created to represent inner strength, as it makes her feel special, and at peace. That’s how we hope you feel as you wear it: empowered and represented by all the women who make Project Três happen around the world. It has a small embroidery made by the Project Três team in Goa.

  • Ethically made in India and embroidered by Neeta, Bhageshwari, Riya and Priyatama
  • Screen-printed by Freeset Global, a social enterprise in Kolkata which provides sustainable employment to women rescued from sex traffic
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Available in S, M, L, XL and M male (check the measurement guideline below)

Our products are symbols of empowerment. They support the creation of sustainable and meaningful job opportunities in India and Kenya.
Each of our designs is produced and packed with love and care, ensuring it stays safe and sound on its journey from our place to yours. Each order includes a sticker and postcard with information about Project Três and the artisan who made your purchase. Delivery time depends on your location and shipping method.
Measurement guideline:

S = 4.5 cm
M = 47.0 cm
L = 50.0 cm
XL = 52.5 cm

S = 47.0 cm
M = 50.0 cm
L = 52.0 cm
XL = 55 cm

S = 67.0 cm
M = 68.5 cm
L = 69.5 cm
XL = 71.5 cm

M = 55.0 cm
M = 52.5 cm
M = 75.5 cm