Farida Hasan Bapu
The first woman to be part of the project was Farida. She’s improving her life with Project Três’ support to overcome the years abuse she lived through and was able to leave her 18 daily hours casino job and start to structure her own business as a babysitter in Goa. Recently Farida started to learn how to read and write and her 4 children have got their study expenses covered by Project Três supporters.

Partnership: Make Love Not Scars + Project Três
This NGO from New Delhi works with acid attack survivors and supports them in many ways, including covering most of their surgical and medical needs. This act of violence is very popular in India and some of the long-term consequences for the attack survivors.
The survivors involved in the project say that initially, they could never imagine it would be possible to make such beautiful accessories out of recycled materials, and they never imagined themselves learning a new skill like this one, since they never had opportunities. Now they feel it is possible to have a future with more beauty and without violence.

Lalita and Family
Lalita, 23 years old, joined the project in December 2016. Now she works full time for Project Três, has access to basic needs and can afford the alimentation cost for her and her two children. Recently her mother, who used to work 9 hours per day in inhumane condition, joined the project and is now healthy and working with us.

Right now, we also provide jobs to another 20 women in India.
Our group has different skills and besides producing our necklaces, we're also making accessories such as bags, backpacks, pillowcases, kimonos.
Currently, we're partnering with brands who identify with our beliefs, aiming to create sustainable jobs to the women in our project and supplying high-quality articles and meaningful products to brands around the world.